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[03 Jun 2005|11:40am]

BMX Bandits with Nicole Kidman 1983

I've got the book to the movie on ebay if you want to check it out click the picture

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Nic_Fans [30 Apr 2005|11:54pm]


Hi, I just wanted to invite you to visit nic_fans, a new Nicole Kidman community run by Nicole-Online.net. We don't only offer discussions, but also an icon contest and a blend challenge, which both have just started. We'd love to see you there!

If this post is not allowed in this community, please delete it. Sorry and thanks.
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[30 Apr 2005|04:55pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


The FIRST and ONLY community for Sydney Pollack's film "The Interpreter," starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.

Cross-posted to similar communities.
If this post is construed as spam and is not allowed in this community, please delete it. Thank you.
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[12 Aug 2004|07:51pm]

Hey Nicole fans!!
My name's Lexi. I just made a new Nicole community that is going to be awesome, so if you'd like to come and meet some more Nicole fans and discuss Nicole, etc... please join!!!
See you there, I hope!!
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new. [27 May 2004|08:21am]

[ mood | calm ]

yay, im new. hi me, add me, ill add you back, whatever ya want. i adore nicole, obviously. and yeah... what else should is say...


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[26 Jan 2004|09:12am]

Nicole at the GlobesCollapse )
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[05 Jan 2004|05:21pm]
ok, who else just loved Cold Mountain? i saw it almost a week ago, and plan on going to see it again. the film just broke my heart.

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[04 Jan 2004|12:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone.. Alicia here, one of the maintainers of this community, the other maintainer is Carly(dreamaria)

Just please read the info, join, and have fun.

You can talk about Nicole Kidman, or any of the movies Nicole Kidman is in, post pictures, Fan Fiction, art work, anything you wish. Just please don't be disrespectful. To anyone, or the community.

(PS: We need a layout badly, so if you'd like to make one, it's welcome.)

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